Love Ghost: they are back with “Pillz (the Sky Is Falling)”

Love Ghost is the most productive act around. with tracks like “Let it All Burn”, “I’ll be fine”, or “Uewo muite aruko”, their importance into the alternative rock landscape is not a discussion. They proved that they are on the right path and that they will be worldwide talked about.

Their latest offering is entitled “Pillz (the Sky Is Falling)”, and we have had the honor to listen to it in exclusivity. the energy between trap, hard rock and, rap, extraordinary guitar play, infectious vocal lines, yes, “Pillz” is another success. We are nor surprised to see that Danny Saber produced the song (The Rolling Stones, Public Enemy, David Bowie…).

Believe us, it won’t leave you indifferent and will make your whole week, so press play now:

“This song is about addiction, but more specifically how everything can look as if it is positive on the outside but in reality, it is not. It is really about perseverance and resilience when your life is falling apart.” Love Ghost.


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