“Magnolia” by Jules Ahoi: An Inspiring Anthem for the Season

“Magnolia” by Jules Ahoi is an inspiring gem that promises to be the soundtrack of our season. The song opens with a sunlit guitar and poetic strings, followed by rhythms that perfectly accompany Ahoi’s distinctive voice. As it gradually emerges, his voice is soft, warm, and touched with melancholy, enveloping listeners in an intimate embrace.

The musical composition of “Magnolia” is refreshingly original. It draws inspiration from folk and is beautifully woven together, creating an almost ethereal listening experience. Each note and chord paints a vivid picture, making the song a true work of art. “Magnolia” is part of an album of the same name, showcasing the full breadth of Ahoi’s talent as a singer-songwriter.

The album was crafted during a month-long artist residency in one of the master houses at the Bauhaus World Heritage site in Dessau. All the lyrics were written entirely analog, using an old typewriter Ahoi found by chance in a pile of garbage on his way to the residency.

“Magnolia” honors not only art and music but also the earth and the beauty of nature. Press play:

The album is set to release later this summer, and we eagerly await its arrival. In the meantime, follow Jules Ahoi: