Meet Andy Stanton, our personality of the month

Andy Stanton is impacting the culture and music industry thanks to his work as international artists manager and his long term vision. 

The former raver has passion and flair and proudly represent Late Replies. The electronic duo is taking big steps in the musical world right now and they are not ready to slow down anytime soon. Benefiting from Andy Stanton’s wide experience, they should be ready to jump on wider tours across the globe and we can’t wait to see them in our favorite festivals and rave summer parties.

This collaboration between Andy Stanton and Late Replies is exciting and we can’t wait to see them triple their success for 2022 and more. 

Did you know: Late Replies has recently released a new label called Black Label Records, with the first tune charting number 1 on Beatport singles chart in Deep Tech, Hype Chart and the EP also in the release charts!

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