“A New World” by Avious: The Perfect EP for Your Weekend and Summer

“A New World,” the latest project by Avious, is an EP designed to energize your weekends and soundtrack your summer. The opening track, “Orange Sky,” is an intense electro-house gem featuring powerful drops, a celestial voice, and epic synths. This sets the tone for an EP filled with equally captivating moments.

From “To Love” to “You & I,” you’ll be enchanted by the original and tension-filled structures, melodies that drive you to the edge, and basslines that liberate you into a trance. Each track is crafted to offer a unique and immersive experience, making you lose yourself in the music.

The project also includes extended play versions of the tracks, providing an even more exhilarating experience. “A New World” by Avious is a journey through electrifying soundscapes that promise to keep you dancing all summer long: