New announcement for Jeff Christie and Lorenzo Gabanizza!

Great news is coming for Christie fans but also for the music business. Indeed, we have just received an update that will thrill both: the comeback of that famous asset, Jeff Christie and Lorenzo Gabanizza, with a brand new single.

Actually, it was an almost mandatory and thoughtful choice after the great success of their previous single “You’re not there” which is still collecting worldwide accolades. The single, written and composed by Lorenzo, is called “I guess I am the only one” and will be released this summer; the guys have not revealed much, but from what we’ve heard, it will be a sure hit with his catchy and bright refrain: “It’s a nice little bit of country,” said Jeff. “It could have been a Christie track way back in the last century!”

But this is just a part of the sensation. Fans and music buffs will be ecstatic to know that the line up of the musicians, except for Chris Lydon (piano) and Rusty Wright (lead guitar) is composed of original members: Jeff and Lorenzo on lead vocals, Paul Fenton (drums), Kev Moore (bass).

Therefore, we can definitely claim that after so many years, Christie is back, albeit not under their original name. “I am so proud,” said Lorenzo. “I have always wanted to play with Christie and now I am working with the real one.”

So, let’s wait for this new gem from Jeff and Lorenzo and let’s thank them for having us “Going back to the place that we love.”