“Nothing Against Uplifting, But…”: Alice Gift’s Enigmatic Return

Alice Gift, the enigmatic French Berliner, has made a triumphant return with a new record, “Nothing Against Uplifting, But…” The album, released under the Parisian label ‘Icy Cold,’ presents a collection of exhilarating rarities that showcase the artist’s evolution in sound.

Embracing the latest electronic trends, Alice Gift, alongside collaborator Djamila Paris, weaves a unique mix of synth-wave, indie pop and electronic sounds, throughout the album. The atmosphere is both mysterious and dark yet retains an airy quality. The tracks unfold like a cinematic journey, creating a universe of its own, perfect for introspection.

The epic synthesizers featured in the record seize the listener’s mind, guiding them through a sonic landscape that is both captivating and otherworldly. The pure and celestial voices soars over each track, adding an ethereal quality to the music. “Nothing Against Uplifting, But…” stands out as a unique musical experience, a testament to Alice Gift’s ability to craft a sound that is both distinct and universally resonant: