October banger: ‘Unfair’ by LUC

We fell in love with ‘Unfair’ the new banger by Austrian DJ & Producer LUC. It is obvious from the first seconds that the track has a well-deserved place among the greatest 2021 releases.  

Going from pop to electro, passing by heavy catchy basses, ‘Unfair’ has an undeniable quality and creativity. the pitched vocal performance is haunting and delightful. It makes you want to let go of everything, to drive with the song on repeat. We told you, LUC has unveiled a true hit and will mark the next chapter of his music career.

Discover it right now:

“Unfair has a very different deep vibe than my other releases because I am used to have more like happy vibes. I love to try different stuff in the studio, if every track is always the same I am get bored but also the fans are get bored. Live is not Fair especially love doesn’t feel fair sometimes. The Message behind the track should be don’t ever give up if you think something isn’t fair you can’t change it. But what you can change is your mindset. There is always a way.” LUC