Our addiction and admiration for Love Ghost is still intact thanks to “Fade Away”

May, 14. “Fade Away” is out now.

“I want to shave my head”

“Just want to feel ok”.

“And I want to be someone”. 

Here is how some of the first notes of “Fade Away”, the new intense track by Love Ghost, resonates in our ears. 

The tone is set from the first seconds, and we immediately get caught into the lead singer Finnegan Bell’s spirit and doubt. 

Mysterious guitars start to appear as the vocal performance progress to a cry from the heart, a call for deliverance. 

And then comes the chorus, haunting, intense, and emotional-driven. 

Love ghost combines genres from punk to grunge passing by metal, to create musical awareness around mental health. “Fade Away” is another masterpiece, with high replay value. We told you that Love Ghost was one of the most powerful and promising bands of its generation, and this is not a euphemism.

Not only their music unveils the best quality and vocal performance, but also deliver strong messages that can speak to anyone, especially in these weird time. This is the definition of “STAR”.

“Fade Away. (Shave My Head)” is a straight-up grunge song.  I came in with the guitar idea, Cory offered some great suggestions, and then the entire band really came through and added their individual flavors to it. This song was a complete collaboration, and Daniel Alcala (Love Ghost Guitarist) mixed the song. The theme is really about constantly wanting to change something so you can feel comfortable in your own skin. The song captures what it feels like for me when I’m on the edge. I’ve been to that dark place before and I hope that me screaming about it can help someone who is dealing with that currently.”

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