Out now: “Chromasounds” the new EP by Antaeus, a splendid musical journey

“Chromasounds” by award-winning artist/producer Antaeus is on our list of the best EP of 2021. 

Our discovery of the month proves that creative artists still exist. Indeed, with his latest offering, a 6-tracks opus entitled “Chromasounds”, Antaeus showcases his talent, music versatility, and unique artistic vision. 

From “I Love You, feat Christina Ralli, to “Byzantine Meditation”, feat Natalis, the producer successfully combines sounds from electronic elements to haunting soundscape with an outstanding and meticulous signature rocked by tribal sonorities.

Our special mention goes to “Soul Dancer”, feat popular Jamaïcan artist Yaksta. An Afro House banger unveiling infectious energy, and most of all, originality out of the norms. “Soul Dancer” sent us straight to another planet, where pure music, unreal arrangements, and impressive production run. 

“Chromasounds”  is definitely one of a kind. Powerful, rare, and healing. 

Press play right now: