Out Now: “Karma” by Saint Solider

We discovered Saint Soldier thanks to “Tony Montana” and “2wenty4” extracted from a 16 tracks album entitled “Karma”: probably the best Hip-Hop album of the month. It is rare to discover such projects: where you will find quality, flow, and story. This is the most exciting release that we’ve heard for a looooong time!

This is why when we first heard “Karma”, we knew that we were listening to something special. Not only Saint Soldier has a unique and recognizable voice, but also he has a particular energy and a story to tell. 

“Tony Montana” and “2wenty4” are Epic bangers, we really wonder, why we haven’t heard about Saint Solider earlier! Better late than never. 

“Saint Soldier was born in Punjab in 1984, and raised in Canada. Facing the challenges of early immigration and racism he found himself relating to hip hop music in the 90’s. Now a spoken word artist and rapper, Saint’s music has themes of self understanding, self empowerment, and Oneness.”