Monday already. We needed to find our musical motivation, something unique as music tends to become tasteless. As you know, our editorial team loves artists who think outside the box, and that’s what Kief Knifing offers. His album ‘Pop’ perfectly illustrates our point. 

The opus is creative and timeless, as if frozen in time. Kief Knifing, real name Chris Morales, who makes music since more than 20 years, explores unknown sounds, between trip-hop, and sound experiments, between cosmic elements and post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

The artist’s talent lies in his ability to take the listener to another world through his music. From ‘Awake For A Year’ to ‘Sol Invictus’, the EP shines with art and imagination through its deconstructed rhythms, psychedelic elements, and timeless recipe inspired by the 1970s.

We can imagine ‘Pop’ being the soundtrack of a movie with palpable suspense and avant-garde script.

Thank you Kief Knifing for this experience, we can’t wait to hear more of your music in the future.

Be ready to enter the world of Kief Knifing, but beware, you might never come back: