In a broken generation where social media affects people’s live’s, and depression and imposter syndrome is bigger than ever, North Carolina’s newest alternative artist Salute The Soldier is back with his biggest song yet named “Out The Casket”, and the best news is: it’s the most empowering song of 2022!

The track also features Nubs, and with Salute The Soldier ,these great hip-hop artists have conquered some of life’s most tough difficulties, which inspired them to write this song, that’s evoking the hip-hop genre. ‘Out the Casket’ is a courageous, motivational ode to a period when motivational songs were influencing a generation into doing what they love and being who they aspire to be!

Salute The Soldier’ strong and powerful vocals carry the chorus into a manipulating sound that captivates any one who listens to it and Nubs’ hip-hop lyrics transform the song into one that you need on your playlist to get you through anything life throws at you.

But what makes these two artists so inspirational? Salute The Soldier, a former medevac crew leader who served in Afghanistan and began creating music while there, too struggled after leaving the army and used music to cope with PTSD. Salute didn’t want his tragedies to define him, so he began composing more songs that make us all want to make the best of life. Furthermore, Nubs the ideal collaborator demonstrates how you can make the most of any situation and change what appears to be a negative into something to inspire others with. Nubs was born without arms and legs, but he didn’t let this stop him from achieving what he wanted in life.

Pair two inspiring motivational artists together and you get a song full of empowerment! This is the type of music that changes people’s life, the kind of song that puts you on an emotional roller coaster that conflicts with the intrusive thoughts that make you unhappy.

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