‘Shill Crypto Rap’: the banger of the day by EUR feat. Jason Aro & DJ Phat

I don’t know if you remarked, but the industry, especially in the Hip-Hop game, creates clones. That’s the reason why we were totally thrilled and surprised to discover “Shill Crypto Rap”, a great team effort from EUR feat Jason Aro and DJ Phat.  

The electronic-tinted production reminds us of our favourite video games, and perfectly complete the rapper’s flow, colored by old-school flavors but above all, flawless technique and epic feelings.

EUR, Jason Aro and DJ Phat definitely know how to create bangers, for our greatest delight. ‘Shill Crypto Rap’ is Simply a bomb! Press Play now, and share:

Somme facts about EUR, Jason Are and DJ Phat :

EUR – Rap – Musician, composer and crypto centered rapper, EUR Music was Born and raised in Rome, Italy and now based in the Mojave Desert of Joshua Tree, CA

Instagram: @eur_music

Jason Aro – Beat – Louisiana native Jason Aro, creatively known as Kloudninemusic is a multi genre record producer, songwriter, arranger and composer.

Twitter: @kloudninemusic

DJ Phat: Turntables, Mixing – DJ Phat based in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Well known DJ in the Mexican rap scene, currently on tour with rapper Hispana.

Instagram: @djphat.cr.mexico


Did you know? The song is inspired by Crypto Token “Shillitapp”