Into the transcendant “Venus Smile….Retrograde” by Alpha Cat

With their new opus “Venus Smile….Retrograde”, Alpha Cat releases an impressive musical reflection of our complex times.

The album honours rock music in all its glory while adding some touches of pop. The guitars are delightful, the rhythms are solid, the energy is infectious, and each vocal performance has this nostalgic, yet catchy vibe that makes us sing while thinking about our world.

One of our favourite tracks is “Orbit (Rx)”, a track full of hope that makes feel alive, at the time of stress and division. Elizabeth McCullough’s voice warms our hearts, with her unique and intense tone.

Overall, “Venus Smile….Retrograde” is a powerful piece of art that will transcend your soul and ears. Press play:

Artists involved:

Elizabeth McCullough: singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar

Doug Pettibone: guitarist

Reggie McBride : bassist

Jason Harrison Smith: drummer

Manuel Quintana: percussion

Jane Scarpantoni: cello

Murphy Bug : backing vocals and additional guitar and bass.