Our song for the sunny days: Ariel (Oshe’) by Chai Tulani [ft Calid B and Icky]

New talent in our radar today: Chai Tulani. The Kenya-born young man who came to the US at the age of 4, is a unique artist stuck in an area where many young artists struggle to find their own sound. He released an impressive single entitled Ariel (Oshe’) ft Calid B and Icky.

With Ariel (Oshe’), Chai Tulani creates a new genre that he calls ‘Sonic Soul’. Made of Trap-inspired beat, afro rhythm and soulful vocals, ‘Sonic Soul’ is a never-heard-before music genre. Unveiling such an exceptional  recipe is a rare prowess and Chai Tulani is one of these rare artists endowed with this special ability.

Chai Tulani is a promising artist and creator. We are not surprised to hear that he already collaborated with artists like Jay Electronica or Wyclef Jean to only name a few. 

The song is on repeat in our Spotify Playlist BEST OF THE MONTH #10.  Listen & watch Ariel (Oshe’) right now: