Stenlisha releases new single ‘Vivir Sin Ti’

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Stenlisha, has released her latest single ‘Vivir Sin Ti.’ The emotive pop record is inspired by the ‘80s era, and shines a spotlight on Stenlisha’s craftmanship, highlighting her melodic songwriting and signature production. ‘Vivir Sin Ti’ was released on the 7th January 2022, and is available to listen to on YouTube.

For Stenlisha, creating music is self-expression, a universal language where she can express her feelings concerning love and emotion. ‘Vivir Sin Ti’ is no stranger to this. Written in Spanish, the single, which takes inspiration from Latin pop genres, is an honest exploration of love. “Vivir Sin Ti’ talks about love in a positive way, as a message to say that I would not like to live without you or you to dream without me.” explains Stenlisha.

This song gave Stenlisha the power to communicate her emotions during a difficult period, as she says “I’m being honest, and I’m proud of my sensitive and emotional side.”

This epiphany gave birth to ‘Vivir Sin Ti,’ a track that is as playful as it is passionate. Distinctive rhythmic percussion opens the song, accompanied by a buoyant bass line before welcoming Stenlisha’s expressive vocals and melodic piano. The alternative soundscape introduces brass instrumentation, bringing another layer of excitement to the track.

At times, Stenlisha’s voice becomes the centrepiece with stripped back instrumentation, while at others, the brass and piano take on a force of their own, the perfect complement to her vocals. A combination of the experimental rhythm and catchy melodies creates an uplifting atmosphere, while the emotive and cinematic delivery is relatable and heartfelt. Fading to the raw roots of the song with the rhythm section, ‘Vivir Sin Ti’ comes full circle, ending just as it began.

2022 will see Stenlisha prepare for the release of her first Spanish album, influenced by music from the ‘80s. Alongside this, she will collaborate with Argentinian musician Gimena Alvarez Cela, while duetting with Jacuzzy Krall on his track ‘KO NEKI MOT TE,’ from his upcoming album later this month. Whatever project she is part of, there’s no doubt that Stenlisha will continue to bring her personal and unique style that stirs her fans every time.

Listen to it HERE