The hit of this Tuesday: “Can’t Let Go”, by Chris Poulson

Today, we fell in love with Chris Poulson’s music, from the first notes of his wonderful “Can’t Let Go”. The Californian singer-songwriter who is in the music industry since a while now, knows how to delivers hits with creativity and amazing storytelling.

“Can’t Let Go” is a delicious pop-rock song highlighting Chris Poulson’s marvelous voice, and arrangements worthy of the greatest. The single has a great commercial appeal and high replay value. The melodies, authentic, familiar yet creative, are instantly catchy,  and stick in our minds.

It’s rare in the industry right now, to have such a level of quality, which is why “Can’t Let Go” is in our list of the best track of 2022, and beyond. All we want is listening to it live, or on our favorite radio stations. 

We had the pleasure to discover its video clip, which has been released recently, that offers a great cinematic touch and brings the track to a higher dimension. Dive into the experience right now: