The Next Big Thing Lil@h releases new stunning single ‘feelings’

When it comes to pop music, few artists can offer quite the same sound as Lil@h. Her bold and relentless drive to innovate her music has continuously challenged us to reconsider how we look at the industry, and this approach is something that we’re confident will cement her music firmly in the charts. 

Pop can be a difficult field to master; nevertheless, Lil@h has perfected her craft by combining unwavering attention to detail with lyric writing that carries both memorable depth and unique character. 

Arguably, her mixed background may have also played a role in shaping her music and influences. Born in Okinawa, Japan, she then grew up in the New England city of Concord, NC, and these cultural heritages 

With her skills, Lil@h is looking to be a passionate, inspirational driving force in Pop as she shares her stories through song.

One of the secrets to Lil@h’s success is her eagerness to experiment with pop music in new and exciting ways, combining her own experiences with inspirations from a variety of other musical genres. This approach results in meaningful and iconic songs, each of which tells its own story – a musical choice that can resonate with fans and new listeners worldwide, with each person taking something unique from each song they hear. 

Throughout her career, Lil@h has pointed to artists such as Doja Cat and Billie Eilish as key inspirations for her own work. Their influences clearly echo in the down-to-earth, masterfully-produced notes and lyrics that combine to create every one of her songs. As such, looking to the future, we are confident that she will continue climbing from strength to strength, and we look forwards to following her journey.