Kid Apollo Gets Nostalgic With New Single ‘Wrong Foot Forward’

A song many of us will be able to relate to – every now and then, you feel like you’re not quite where you wanted to be in life. But with this charming tack, there’s a bittersweet acceptance of that, in a gleeful ode to life as it is, wherever you are along your path.

This new single from Irish artist Kid Apollo truly feels like a very personal song, sung from the heart, with gorgeous layers of musical texture (from the distorted piano, tension-building guitar through to the delicious indie groove).

Kid Apollo’s vocal lead reminds one a little of Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler, whilst the instrumentation feels like a modern nod to Blur. Stand by for the climactic ending too, with all guns blazing, whereby the music truly builds up into a beautiful haze of emotion. We love this!

Have a listen to ‘Wrong Foot Forward’ here: