The project of the season: BB Stevens’ “Not My Monkeys”

In the heart of New Jersey, nestled along the Hudson River, lies the vibrant city of Hoboken. This bustling urban enclave has long been a hotbed for artistic talent, and one shining star that has emerged from its eclectic streets is BB Stevens. With music coursing through his veins from a young age, Stevens embarked on a journey that would see him sign his first record deal with a major label at the tender age of sixteen.

Over the years, BB Stevens has left an indelible mark on the music industry, producing records and composing songs for international icons like Madonna. His ability to blend genres and create music that transcends boundaries has set him apart in a competitive industry. Recent collaborations showcase Stevens’ versatility, having worked alongside former Saving Abel vocalist Scotty Austin and award-winning record producer Malcolm Springer.

The latest chapter in BB Stevens’ musical odyssey unfolds with the release of “Not My Monkeys” EP. This musical masterpiece is being unleashed through Stryker Records, an imprint label of the Universal Music Group Ingrooves family. “Not My Monkeys” pays homage to the essence of rock in all its glory.

From the soul-stirring “GoodbiBaby” to the anthemic “Hard Hard Place,” the EP takes listeners on a sonic journey where guitars reign with intensity and depth. The rhythms are wild, rocking the very core of your being, while Stevens’ authentic and raw vocals unveil a vulnerability that adds a poignant touch to his poetic lyrics. The EP’s arrangements are grandiose, occasionally flirting with other genres like country and experimental folk, yet consistently exuding high energy, artistic sincerity, and creativity.

As we rediscover BB Stevens through “Spirit Be Gone!” and the “Not My Monkeys” EP, it becomes evident that this Hoboken prodigy is not just a musician but a maestro sculpting a symphony that resonates with the soul. With each note, Stevens invites us to join him on a musical voyage where vulnerability meets power, and creativity knows no bounds. Hoboken’s musical legacy shines brightly through the artistry of BB Stevens, a name destined to echo through the annals of rock history.