Whether you’re in the mood for spooky season music or maybe you’re still feeling those summertime vibes, no matter what your mind is craving The Masked Musicians’ newest release ‘Good Vibes’ is the perfect song to listen to all year round and here’s why. 

But first, who is The Masked Musician? And why are his songs so catchy?  Kiontai Lawson, from San Antonio,  is the artist behind the soon-to-be infamous ‘Masked Musician. Kiontai first started his music career at a ripe age in 2014, he has since built a brand and foundation known as The Masked Musician, where he hopes he can captivate the attention of the world through his catchy uplifting music. 

Kiontai’s music is emotional, honest, real and engaging. He usually weaves together stories and experiences that others can relate to, and his lyrics are filled with moments of love. His immense desire for the soul, passion, fear, loss, love and the first wave of deep regret are all beautifully intertwined by the artist. He’s not afraid to speak up. That’s why he stirs up the industry and is gaining a fanbase faster than many his age. 

“Good Vibes” is the perfect song for everyone, presenting a joyful and hopeful, yet passionate atmosphere that makes people want more of themselves and their lives. The song is about finding positive vibes in every situation, no matter who you are, your life circumstances or the day you’re living in, and embracing the beauty and joy around you to feel good about yourself. Let’s not also forget that Kiontai’s music has a focus around romance, so you can be sure to expect lyrics that have you craving a relationship in there too. 

There you have it, your reason to stream “Good Vibes” and get The Masked Musician onto your playlist before you regret it.