TheWolfPrinceKane is our cure of the week

Originality and surprise! This is what we are expecting from new artists today. Yes, we are bored by the same old codes, the same old sound. We want to hear something out of the box, something coming from other planets and never heard before. 

We are glad about our latest discovery which illustrates well our desire: His name is TheWolfPrinceKane, and with his project “Le Garçon”, the artist sends us elsewhere, downright in another world.

Each tracks a color and a feeling. “Rouge” for anger (French for Red), “Rose” for joy (Pink), “Vert” for hope (Green), “Blanc” for peace (White): there is something for every taste, every feeling. 

To be honest, we’ve never heard such a project. The concept is not only interesting, but is also innovative. This kind of artistic behaviour will help the music industry to go further. And this is for the best. 

Make sure to discover TheWolfPrinceKane’s colourful project. Believe us, it will change your mind and you will go through loads of emotions: