Tizzy TEACH drops the brilliant ‘Why Not’

Tizzy TEACH has shared a new track ‘Why Not’ that will connect to a large audience. The record has a soulful fresh sound and an amazing rap quality.

The authenticity and storytelling place ‘Why Not’ among the best hip-hop track of the month. Tizzy TEACH raps with power and reminds us of the 90s vibes. 

Tizzy TEACH’s ‘Why Not’ is a contagious banger that gives everyone an authentic experience of music. It’s brilliant, press play right now:


“All my music comes from a personal place influenced by the situations I’ve gone through. The way I like to look at it is if I can drop some gems for someone else to hear and get their brains to think or grow based on my experience I think that’s a job well done.”

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