Our selection for a successful New Year’s Eve

Today, as we organize our new year parties, we listen to our best discoveries of the week, the ones that will integrate our 2023 best playlists.

Let us introduce you to : 

Wes DeLux – “Let It Go” : soulful hip-hop and unique flow :

Twenty150 – “That’s Not My Name” : epic rap sound and outstanding personality 

Jay Gudda – “Go” : simply a bomb and probably one of the best hip-hop track to start 2023 right 

Andrew Hunna – “Lavish” : a captivating flow with a haunting cadence

J Centrick – “Gem Warfare” : a sonic travel through the unknown 

LittleBoBxxbz – “MAY YOU FIND PEACE” : threatening flow and dark, yet powerful atmosphere 

ANGEL! – “BRITTNEY WHITE” : stunning retro pop that will disconnect you from your daily routine 

Abraham Westlund – “My Story” : emotional-driven hit with delightful melodies 

SMOON – “IDK” : the track that reminds us how it feels like to be listening to authentic hip-hop

damanithesun –  “TOXIC” : an emo rap-rock song full of real stories and outstanding creativity 

Rohan Rali x shyamie – “bellagio fountains” : vanguard and contagious hip-hop 

Tay Toe – “Meet Again”: a rap song with meaningful lyrical content and authentic signature 

Brooke D : a delightful mix of sounds from today and tomorrow, an unworldly voice and a new sonic vision

ReFelt : a mysterious and intense track unveiling a mix of urban sonorities 

MILLY WINE – “E.I.T.M” : a travel into solar and infectious afro-RNB melodies 

A. Slade x Rebellious essence x Car2oonx Aaron Sawyer – “Darkenin” : when hip-hop is real again
Precinct Phantom – “Bendy Bus” : strong cadence and pure flows
Father Baker – “The Downhill Chill”: the track that honors hip-hi and expression in all its glory 
Judah Payne – “Unfazed” : hypnotic, sexy, infectious from start to finish 
Dylan Cox – “Animals in the Kitchen”: a few minutes of organic music and timeless sonorities 
Kingsley Q – “Angel” : the track that proves that quality and creativity still exists 
Lanrai – “No Angels” : and instant musical delight to bounce and think 
Kayden McCarthy – “Vulnerable” : a powerful soulful-pop hit 
JoDavi – “Our Liberation” (feat. Tiffany Jamison) : positive energy and healing reggae-pop journey 
Jonathon Karabekian – “Dog” : rap-rock and punk attitude 
Matteo Franchi – “Futile Attempt To Explain The Inexplicable” : a journey through mysteries and timeless soundscapes 
The Trouble Notes – “Liberty Awaits” : unworldly and emotional-driven, the definition of Music in all its glory 
Moldhands – “burial at sky” : the track that will give you limitless power 
Tall Genius – “Diamond Studded Crown” : hip-hop for Kings and Queens 
Charm The Riot – “Freak Freak Y’all” : olds-school vibes and flawless rap flow
DJ MadMike – “Diamonds”:  explosive EDM and endless transe 
Blaize Dreko – “S3X RIDDIM”: solar and infectious riddim for sexy nights and joyful days
Idin Gorji – “Ey Doost” : a new musical world to explore between traditions and vanguard sonorities 
Illy Ali – “Blood Wit My Brothers” (feat. Anthymonthetrack): the definition of a hip-hop Hit 

Find these gems in one playlist :