Today, we are really proud of our discovery. Smooth, poetic, with an absolutly unique and recognizable voice,  Elizabeth McCullough, aka Alpha Cat offers a new album to the world, and it is entitled “Thatched Roof Glass House”.

We adore the entire project but our favorite and most significant song to us,  is the beautiful “Black Hole”. 

How do you take the image of a black hole and make it positive? Here is Elizabeth McCullough answer, which perfectely describe the song: “When I wrote that song I’d just read how astronomers had determined that you could actually escape a black hole, but only by going all the way through and out the other side. And that leads to all this worm hole and time travel theory, where not only do you avoid annihilation, but you arrive at a place you might never have reached otherwise. It’s an amazing metaphor for transformation, and ultimately hopeful. That’s why the end of the song is:you gotta go deeper it’s the only way out.


You’ve caught on, Alpha Cat translates her experience with life into beautiful and profound songs, maybe as a loophole, or a way to give people hope to overcome the darknesses when then are starting to settle arround.


Through her alter ego Alpha Cat, Elizabeth McCullough brings us into a georgous and hearty musical journey. You should defenetly listen to the whole album there : 

I’ve fallen into a black hole looked like your heart

felt like my soul

Now I got nowhere to go

from this side out looks like the end of the world“.

Alpha Cat.

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