“Voices of the Earthmind, Vol. II”: A Mystical Journey Through Beauty and Truth

Embark on a captivating odyssey with Bronx-born Dominican-American poet Michael Angelo Abreu and Philly-based guitarist-producer Paulito Muse in their latest creation, “Voices of the Earthmind, Vol. II.”

This mystical, poetic series delves into themes of beauty and truth, friendship, hope, and nature, creating an ethereal realm of sonic and lyrical exploration. Featuring the soulful vocals of Braylynn Nahja and concluding with a poignant poem by Elijah B. Pringle III, the project is a testament to the collaborative spirit.

Set against ambient, ethereal soundscapes, “Voices of the Earthmind, Vol. II” is a musical journey beyond the ordinary, a homage to nature’s purity. From the celestial heights to the depths of the earth, the project conveys a universal message through voices and poems. From “Gaia” to “Violets in Concrete”, immerse yourself in a holistic artistic experience that feels truly redemptive:

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