Welcome into the incredible world of “Blind Season”

Monday already. Our mission today is to discover the unique sound that will make our whole week and month. If creativity is rarer and rarer, some artists have the talent to prove that it still exists. Our discovery of the day illustrates our point and today, we are glad to introduce you to Blind Season, an outstanding band that blesses the world with “Swim Away”.

 In a crowded industry, where many artists and bands tend to sound the same or make music with machines, this track is a pure musical gift with huge replay value.

“Swim Away” unveils a splendid journey through an appealing pop, tinted by rock and addictive guitars. An organic, mesmerizing, poetic creation.  

Blind Season’s lead singer delivers a dreamy and haunting vocal performance that makes you literally disconnect from reality. 

“Swim Away came to me in a dream.” says the lead singer. A perfect delight, precious and rare.

Press play right now: