Worldwide Business Overhead Radio Play

2018 Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music started to get business overhead radio play in Singapore at malls and hotels across the country after a company heard Melvin’s music and loved it as Melvin’s music is still getting plays today in Singapore malls and hotels. In 2019 Melvin his wife and in-laws visited Singapore as Melvin heard firsthand his music playing in malls. [2 photos here are from Singapore trip.]

2020 Melvin landed with a bigger company that helped Melvin’s music go on worldwide business overhead radio and get play in restaurants, cafes, gyms, hotels, and malls. Melvin’s music also got play in the USA in some Popeyes and Auntie Annes stores. Melvin’s music continues to get worldwide business overhead radio plays today with his new music in high demand as a lot of Melvin’s music has been Shazam to found out song titles of music playing at that time.

2023 a Canada music platform that works with fitness app, cable-based music service, and Snapchat started working with Melvin’s music and helped Melvin’s music get play on these platforms.
Melvin would like to thank all those who have supported and continue to support the music worldwide.

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