Chad Nathan releases “First Place” ft LW

Introducing Chad Nathan, our artist of the day!

Welcome to the-further for this second day of 2021. Yes, we are supposed to be on holiday, but we are still on the spot to discover the freshest track of this new year. We don’t want to miss any song.

Today our selection is “First Place”, by American artist Chad Nathan. The young creative who takes influence from the many locations and musical styles in the state unveils a futuristic flow between hip-hop and R&B, as well as epic and flawless production.

“First Place” is promising and puts lights on a new generation of rappers who are not afraid to bring new vibes to the table.

Exclusive info: Chad Nathan is now working on an album set to release in the coming months. We can not wait to hear that. Meanwhile, listen to “First Place” right now: