A “Day on Mars” with Fam Band feat B.Stille

It’s a beautiful Monday to discover great music. And, great news, one of our favourite band Fam Band struke again with ‘Day on Mars’, feat B.Stille from the Nappy Roots.

Indeed, the track is an amazing eclectic track, a true revelation that brilliantly blends pop with subtle reggae notes. The rythme are delicious and the hints of rock energy totally addictive.

From the first note we just want to sing ‘It’s a beautiful day on mars’, with the lead singer. It allows us to get free, wild, and to stop worrying about anything.

Once again, Fam Band knows how to create infectious track and showcases its authentic creativity, eclecticism and talent for writing.

Listen to the unique ‘Day on Mars’, it will resonate with your soul: