“Back N Forth”: New single by Ab.E. Discover our interview with the artist now!

“Is RnB music dead?”. Here is the type of debate we continuously have in our team. By Rnb we mean, the real, the pure. The one with beautiful voices and beautiful melodies.

Yes, it has been a while that we did not have listened and felt such a feeling.

And then, we discovered Ab.E aka Abraham Ramirez, an emerging artist hailing from New Jersey, with his new single Back N Forth”.

Honestly, we were surprised and amazed by the vocals melodies and artistic research. Ab.E delivers a professional, creative and really special work.

Click here to discover “Back N Forth” now and you will better understand our point.

We wanted to know more about Ab.E and his creative process to come to such a level of quality.

Hi Ab.E. We are really proud to have discovered your music. Can you tell us more about you?

My name is Abraham Ramirez but people call me Ab.E for short. I started music when I was very young mostly from my parents side. I use to play piano with my baby sitter at a very young age and she would be the crowd and I’d be singing at the top of my lungs. I grew up in a very Spanish populated area, so dancing and music was in my bones but I branched out of it to create something very unique to me

We like the way you write. What inspires you to write your texte?

The best inspiration that I get to write music is mostly from God, he’s the one that gives me the strength in order to continue, all my lyrics and ideas come from him. There have been many artist such as frank ocean and Joji that have inspired me to shape my work.

The way you bring your creativity is interesting. What is your creation process?

Usually my creation process is me sitting alone in my studio and praying first, just trying to isolate what I wanna talk about and what can inspire me to move you feel? Then it goes into writing a bunch of words down. I look up to Ed Sheeran when he does his “10,000 Hours” because that’s a rule that I abide by. Sitting on my guitar and just strumming for hours, while I fool around something always happens. I’d like to think of it being magical.

What is the story behind your new single, “Back N Forth”? Tell us more about this release.

Back N Forth is a song I wrote for someone special in my life, I’ve been going through tough time and it was more of an apology for who I was becoming. This song I battle in between my emotions that’s why I structured it in a way that it’s kinda of “Wow where is this song going, I kinda like that” It just makes sense that what the song talks about, I even throw in a couple of references to my favorite DC Character, and little Easter eggs then and there. Overall making it one of my favorite songs to write and compose.

Do you have projects? What are your plans for the future ?

Later on this year on February 21st I am releasing my first studio album project mix and mastered by yours truly. I am excited it’s a 20 track and I even have a podcast in it so I’m truly excited for everyone to hear what’s coming next. I only plan to elevate my game and let God do the rest of the work. He’s my strength and he will provide and also teach. I am ready for the incredible journey that I will embark on.

Thank you for letting me share this story may God bless you and your blog!