Daara J Family: African Trap and overwhelming moments with their new track: Tchékoulé

Daara J Family has drop a new song entitled “Tchékoulé”. Coming straight from Dakar, Daara J Family is [for those who ignore it] one of the most exciting bands of the area AND the world since the 90s.

Half of our team is half Senegalese (if you don’t know now you know!) and we grew up with albums like “Daara J”, or “Xalima”.

Their lyrics, in Wolof, English and French, have always carried a positive message, and the hope of a better world.

Their new track Tchékoulé overwhelmed us. We did not expect such a feeling, as it took us back to Dakar’s streets, to the folk’s energy, and the elders’ transmission. It honestly felt like a pure, simple but sophisticated, musical moment.

Thank you Daara J Family.