A day with “Back Around” by James With The Drip

James With The Drip Drops Engaging Album ‘Back Around’

Welcome to the-further for this new musical Monday. Our focus of the day is on James With The Drip‘s new 12 tracks project entitled ‘Back Around’, which stands out from the rest.

The artist-producer, who also has a double bachelor’s in classical music and computer science, is a complete artist who sings, plays bass guitar, and above all, has illimited creativity.

His new album illustrates his talent, as it unveils 12 appealing tracks in honor of his mom.

From “Falling from you” to “If you never try”, the project is infectious and brings the audience into a journey through dance music, rock, and EDM.

One of the best track is “Be Your Man”, that James With The Drip performed and wrote from start to finish.

Overall, ‘Back Around’ is a strong and cohesive opus that conveys a unique concept to paint a detailed picture describing emotions, pain, and love.

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