Re-Introducing: Kisko Amar-I

Today we have a special Rendez-vous with Kisko Amar-I’s music. An artist who made 2020 and will also make 2021 without a doubt.

The Jamaican artist who we discovered thanks to “Promise”, an outstanding 5 tracks EP released a few months ago, continues to surprise us.

If Kisko Amar-I is known for using his creativity to spread positive energy, his talent doesn’t stop there. His lyrical content is profound, his creativity has no limit, and his songs are infectious. 

His latest release is entitled “Better Now” and perfectly illustrates our words: real reggae musicality, dope flow, and vibes that give us hope.

When we ask about his creative process, here is what Kisko Amar-I says:

“I could go to studio and hear a great beat and just sing on the beat without even writing or I can wake up listen to a beat and write.
I could be on my guitar and get any idea. Lately I haven’t been working on creating without doing much lyrics writing.”

Press play right now: