2 0 9 7 CLUB, The new mixtape by AncrNotOkay

Monday morning and some problems to get this day started. Half-asleep, with rest of hangover from the whole weekend. I am sure you can relate to the situation, trying to find THE cure to fix this!

Well, our cure has been musical and is entitled 2 0 9 7 CLUB, a mixtape signed AncrNotOkay (pronounced Answer, Not Okay). The best solution ever for the whole week.

The first reason why we like the 3-tracks opus is for its eclectism and the mix of genres: Hip Hop, Trap and Rock, to give an explosive result and a punky vibe. And let us tell you, that it has BALLS. Also, we felt comfortable in the dark, melancholic atmosphere.

Tracks like “Fucked up Bad!” and KillmebeforeIdo are marked by a powerful emo-rap vibe. It reminds us of artists like Lil Peep (RIP).

Left in a photo“, an alternative rock song closes the project beautifully. It shows how much AncrNotOkay is limitless and has the talent to deal with different genres.

We have also selected “Left in a photo” for our playlist BEST OF THE MONTH#7.

Live the AncrNotOkay experience and enjoy his mixtape on APPLE MUSIC, SOUNDCLOUD or SPOTIFY.