Tower Crane Towers is our beautiful discovery of the day

Today we advise you to give yourself a musical break and a right dose of rock music. And let’s be honest, for us, it’s been a while that we did not have such a pleasant moment. We have found exactly what we were looking for with Tower Crane Towers.

Our redaction team has been immediately interested by the uncommon story of the band composition, initially formed in 2018 as a multi-media and street art project. The members, also musicians and songwriters decided naturally to add music to their ideas and creations.

The mysterious artists created the band with the name of Tower Crane Towers. We will never know who is behind. Unnamed persons, with unique talents. Enough to arouse our curiosity and all our fantasies!

Tower Crane Towers latest project, “the Ep”. is a true musical jewel. The band shares its taste for authentic rock melodies with no mainstream constraints.

The EP is extremely well produced and catchy, but also with beautiful and emotional lyrics. “Melancholic in content, but optimistic in tone” is a way to describe TcT’s music. 

The song There will Be Rain ends beautifully the 5 tracks opus. This masterpiece will have a special echo with music fans who crave creativity. 

The Ep. is available on all music service and also on vinyl version: you can grab it here.

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