A conversation with Audio Engineer Anton Jarnberg

At the-further, we are music lovers, but we also love atypical routes, people who make the music great and stand next to artists in the shadow. We think that we don’t speak enough about them.

Today we had the pleasure to meet one of them: Anton Jarnberg, a Sweden audio engineer who started to music at a very young age and who later embarked on the L.A adventure to develop his activity. 

We were more than intrigued to know about his work.

Hi Anton Jarnberg, welcome to our redaction. First of all, can you tell us who you are and how you started to work in music?

I started out making beats, trying to find artists that would use them but it never really took off, I loved mixing just as much so I started to put most of my energy into that.

What does your activity consist of? Can you describe your work for us?

Most of my work is mixing songs, which involves processing audio to make the song sound as good as it can possibly sound. A lot of times there is some production work needed to be done to help the creative direction of the song as well, like cool effects or changing the song structure a little bit and some arranging.

What do you like the most about audio engineering?

Nailing the sound an artist is looking for. The feeling of making a record sound just like the artist wants it is amazing. Recording is also fun, which is something I’ve learned to appreciate more since COVID when most artists are recording at home.

Can you tell us about your latest work?

I can’t talk about what is most recent to me since it hasn’t been released yet, but the most recent to be released that I have worked in is “After Dark” by Australian indie artist named Jack Davis, and “Lies” by Indiana rapper Saki Reno.

What do you plan for the future?

Hopefully, to keep doing what I’m doing! I would love to see that the artists I work with do good with their music and reach a wider audience.


Listen to Anton Jarnberg’s work right now: