Introducing the French duo Dr. Tik x R2R with “Magicien: archives secrètes No. 2”

Newcomers Dr. Tik x R2R shine on stunning “Magicien: archives secrètes No. 2”.

We’re starting 2021 on a high— one of the first our blog post of the year features the talented duo Dr. Tik x R2R. The duo creates out of the beaten box and has a limitless eclectic musical world.

If you are from this planet, you already know them as they released a few weeks ago the excellent “Une Belle Histoire” that immediately caught our attention thanks to a pure flow, old school hints, and deep lyrical content. 

They don’t deceive us with “Magicien: archives secrètes No. 2”, a stunning real hip hop piece of work, unveiling flawless production and addictive flow. The dark touch is also captivating from start to finish and take us to other planets. Rap at its most brilliant. Everything is well-structured. 

Bravo for this moment Dr. Tik and R2R! We can’t wait to see what you  will offer next, we heard a new track is on its way, we are watching ! 

Check out “Magicien: archives secrètes No. 2” below: