Focus of the day: LA outstanding artist Genesix

Today we are proud of our discovery. An LA artist, born and raised in Costa Rica, and with a never-heard vibe. He goes by the name of Genesix and his latest offering “9 Tails” stands out from what is already on the table.

A mix between hip-hop, hard-hitting rock, and with extraordinary energy. “9 Tails” sweeps away everything in its path. See by yourself and discover below our conversation with the talented Genesix :

Welcome to our redaction Genesix! Tell us who you are and how you started to do music?

I’m Genesix and I started making music when I was 12 around when emo bands were popular so I wanted to be in one.

Your sound is unique. What inspires you to make and write music?

I would say letting the emotion out through music when I listen to it on other artists I like, it makes me wanna express myself that way

Do you have a specific creative process to arrive at this kind of sound?

So basically I listen to a beat, if I already vibe with it I buy the lease, depending on the type of beat, if it’s melodic I record the melody I want with some random lyrics and write them after, if it’s not melodic like 9 Tails, I record the flow and it helps me write the lyrics faster, then work on my delivery

Your latest release “9 Tails” is now on repeat in our playlist. Can you tell us more about its story?

Basically the song it’s a parody to the anime hip-hop scene, is the whole package, screaming vocals, 808s with way too much distortion and there’s almost a ridiculous punchline on every bar.

What are your plans for the next months?

Right now I’m still on the dropping singles process, I ready to work on some music videos for my upcoming tracks but with the coronavirus going I don’t know when I’ll be able to shoot some videos but I hope it’s soon.

Connect with Genesix on Instagram HERE.