A conversation with Ayokipp, our artist of the week

Our artist of the day is a rapper, producer, and engineer coming straight from Atlanta: Ayokipp.

We discovered the promising artist thanks to his outstanding single “Lost Vibes”, released a few months ago. We immediately fell in love with his world between rap and RnB.

His latest offering is a 12 tracks album that caught our attention from start to finish. From “Never Change” to “Salem Rd.”, Ayokipp takes us into a journey through raps deep bass melodies, and groovy harmonics.

Welcome Ayokipp! Can you introduce yourself and tell me how you started to make music?

Ayokipp Rapper, Producer, Engineer. I started to do music in the 6th grade at a freestyle function music class. I developed my love for it watching the people around me understand me for what felt like the first time. It was then I learned to understand myself. I started Rapping and Singing as a Teenager and after graduation Attended SAE in Atlanta for Audio Engineering.

What inspires you to write and create?

As cliché as it sounds Life experiences. I treat each record as more than a song. Each track is a manuscript for the story of my life. It’s the way I show myself to the outside world. It also allows me to better understand who I am.

Do you have a specific creative process?

I listen to the sounds around me. The combination of the concrete jungle of Atlanta and the serenity of rural Georgia is the sound I try to capture when creating the melodies in my music. The melodies take me into my personal emotional spectrum and give me the subject matter for each track.

Can you tell us more about your latest release, how would you describe it?

Life So Far is my first major release. I’d been doing for a while but had gradually drifted behind the scenes placing my focus on engineering and production. Once I linked up with an old friend Curtis “Cornaztone” Maxwell he told me he was building an Indy Label Powerseat Music Group, LLC with a focus on the art and giving artist creative control. My love for making music was reinvigorated and I wanted my first release under the label to be a Trailer for my life over the past year or so. The present is important to me. I want my melodies to feel floaty, emotional, and intangible. I like to keep my lyrics grounded and relatable. There’s no music for the sake of music. Every song has a story. Every word is personal.

What do you plan for the future?

Continue to create music and hopefully inspire others by opening my personal life experiences to them and allowing them to follow my musical journey. I’ve recently taken the next step and become the COO of Powerseat Music. Cornaztone and I share a Vision of signing PSMG under a Major Label. I hope to see my music help propel our dream forward.

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