A conversation with newcomer ‘Sincerely’, our best discovery of the week

Meet one of the most attractive genre-bending artists around — Sincerely is a one of a kind artist that has the potential to achieve high status.

Today, we met with one of the best and most surprising discoveries. He goes by the name of Sincerely, he is from North Carolina, and his latest EP “Castles in the Sky” is our new addiction. 

We are totally amazed by Sincerely’s talent and his extraordinary creativity. “Castles in the Sky” reinvent Hip-Hop by experimenting with other genres such as Jazz (in tracks like “Ashes”), Electro (“Wings” illustrates our point), and also organic sounds (“Frank Tupelo”). The way he sees music reminds us of artists like Chance the Rapper, J Cole, or Frank Ocean to only name a few. 

Discover “Castles in the Sky” right now and see you below to discover our conversation with Sincerely

Welcome Sincerely, we are very glad to have you. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started to create music?

My name is Antonio Smith. I started my journey at the age of 22 after overcoming an opioid addiction. I dropped out of college and began writing poetry nonstop. From there it turned into music when I returned to school, moved into an apartment with my friend, and he just so happened to have studio equipment. 

We feel like you have a huge inspiration. What inspires you to write music?

I find that I am most inspired to write music when I come into contact with something that sparks emotion. It can be the sound of the rain in the evening, the aftermath of reading some weird poetry from poets such as Charles Bukowski, or even just hearing a fire instrumental in my car that just makes me want to write.

We admire your sense of creativity, do you have a specific creative process?

I like to wait until everyone is asleep (My wife and son), turn out all the lights, light a candle, and just vibe out. Sometimes I’ll listen to an artist’s music that relates to how I’m currently feeling at that moment in order to get in the mood. Other times I’ll just put my headphones in and drink some coffee before I start to create. Something about caffeine highs that make me feel like Clark Kent. 

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

My latest release is a song on major streaming platforms called Gravity. I made this song as a follow up to my EP called Castles in the Sky because it’s like that moment when the high leaves. You know, that moment when your feeling good and then reality hits and just pulls you back down. That’s why I called it Gravity. The emotion of all of that just inspired me to make a song about it so that I could further process this battle I’ve been dealing with where I blame my biological father’s lack of guidance in order to deal with the fear of being great. 

What do you plan for your future? Any news to share?

In the future, I plan to dive into more genres of music, just show everybody that I can do it all. I’m thinking about Dance Hall. I currently have an unreleased banger just waiting for the right time. So until then, I plan to release more visuals for older music and push them as hard as I can until it’s time to drop. After that, who knows, wouldn’t mind networking and doing more features with other dope artists for further exposure and skill development.