A conversation with the captivating rapper J.Drive

Confinement, Day 5. Our music hero and savior today is a young rapper, former talented basket-baller: Let us introduce you to the hypnotising J.Drive.

We discovered the mysterious artist with 2 tracks that immediately caught our attention: Understand [produced by Palaze] and Silver Lining [produced by Dillygotitbumpin]. The lyrics, profound and full of personal struggles and life experience, the production, his unique and atypical flow: J.Drive is 100% captivating. 


Understand and Silver Lining are extracted from his debut album “Overdrive” and are Trap-infused R&B that instantly connects with you. We are proud to unveil our discussion with the young artist. 

Welcome to our redaction J.Drive, we are happy to have you today. Your musical journey is quite interesting can you tell us how you started to make music?

I started to do music back in 6th or 7th grade haha the first song I ever wrote was called “she’s just one less” about this girl who broke my heart because of some childish rumors her “friend” started about us dating behind her back. Obviously it wasn’t true and I was crushed but I didn’t wanna tell anyone because where I grew up you were labeled as soft for being hurt over a female so I just wrote a song about it. Ever since then music has been my therapist or outlet.

You have particular life experiences and we feel like you had a lot to say. What inspires you to write music?

My inspiration is everything around me. Life itself is an inspiration for me so I’ll never run out of material. Life is always happening and emotions fluctuate so based on what I’m feeling or seeing or even what someone else close to me is seeing or feeling I can write a dope track just based off that. Everything is passionately put together though I never just write nonchalantly I love it too much not to put my all in it. I guess you can say that’s apart of my creation process too. Music is about the feel. I write what and how I feel when I feel it you know?

How do you create your songs? Do you have a specific process?

“Understand” was really brought about after I got sent home early from work one day haha it was a Friday and I had a session later that night and I ended up having more time than usual to write. I literally wrote that sitting downtown thinking about what life should be like for me as an artist instead of a 9-5 guy. This track was made to hopefully get the people I let down to rally behind that idea & support me despite understanding that I could very well fail again chasing dreams/goals I hold more dear to me than a secure average life and once again lose everything and go back to poverty despite me and my support groups best efforts to rise above that. I’m an all or nothing kinda guy & I think this one speaks volumes to what I was feeling at that time and my decision to finally stop thinking about it and make that push.

We will follow your step in the industry and we can’t wait to hear and see more. What are your plans for the future?

For the future I do plan on eventually signing to a major label and selling a lot of records, making a lot of good music, a lot of solid connections and of course a lot of money. I plan on being a staple on the music industry in a few years so I’d say you’re a lucky guy to get this exclusive interview from me haha in all seriousness though I plan on making the world love me and my art man there’s no way around it. I can’t fail bro God is with me and no matter what obstacles the future holds we’re going to make it happen and do it in a way only “Drive” can do it. It all starts 07/01 w Overdrive.

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