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& is the new surprising album by North of Tomorrow. Discover our exclusive interview with the band!

Our focus today is on a multi-talented and eclectic band coming straight from Arizona: Their name is North of Tomorrow, and they have just released a new collaborative album entitled : &, with Gary Adria, Brian Mueller, and Stephen P. Rogers

The 13 tracks opus is musically generous. North of Tomorrow unveil a genre-blending album with a beautiful dose of experimentation and happiness. “&” is so eclectic and evocative, that we could imagine ourselves driving  through a cosmopolitan jungle and hearing the world’s music all at once while listening to the album. 

A bit of Rock, Reagga and even touches of soul music, the way North of Tomorrow mixes the music genres and melodies have never been heard before: and it swings! 

We met with them to speak about their career and their new album. We are glad to share our interview with the band!

Hi guys! Welcome to The Further! We are very glad to have you today. Could you introduce the band to our readers and tell us how you started the music ?

We are from Phoenix, Arizona, and have played and written music together for many years. We all started playing in bands as teenagers in different parts of the U.S. We came together and formed a band in Arizona with the intention of writing and performing music that interested us artistically and creatively – trying to play music that is unique and different and not stuck in any one box or compartment, which is impossible to do, but fun to try.

It seems like you have a lot to say, and limitless inspiration. What inspires you to write music?

The challenge, satisfaction and excitement of creating something new and unique that didn’t exist before; combining sounds that yield something new with every listen, but still make you want to tap your foot or get up and dance.

Can you explain your creative process? 

Brian comes up with the main structure of the song in a solitary process that is continual trial and error, with much more trial than success. When something sounds promising, he presents it to the others, and the song formation process begins, with decisions on what other instruments or musicians would best serve the song. Then we go out and find them. Over the years, we have developed a rather large network of musicians on a worldwide basis, with performances and collaborations being shared over the internet. The new album has musicians from Italy, Indonesia, Ukraine, Nashville, St. Louis, Germany, LA, and Montreal

Your new album “&” is beautiful at all point, tell us more about this latest release!

The new album – & – represents a good snapshot of the broad range of styles and genres that we move through. It isn’t intentional. It is just a reflection of the many great forms of music that inspire, and our unwillingness or inability to pick just one. One of our favorite quotes appears on our website by the legendary musician Miles Davis: “Good music is good no matter what kind of music it is…….It’s not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.”

As 2020 is starting,what do you plan for the future and your career?

The new album – & – is new to the public, but not so new to us. Some of the songs are three and four years old. We are very happy with the results. But we already have 20 or 30 new songs in various stages of completion. We intend to keep following the different directions that good music points and see where it takes us.

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