A Ray of Sunshine: Charlotte Champian’s Debut Album ‘As The Summer’

Charlotte is a talented recording artist who always tries new things and loves to set the bar higher with her artistry and creativity, going deeper into her ideas and making things happen instead of being stuck at the drawing board, as they say. Such seems to be the case with her debut album release, As The Summer, which feels incredibly well-rounded and oh-so soulful. The sound of this release has a softness to it, but As The Summer is also outstanding due to its understated patterns and intriguing sound design, making it remarkably powerful. It’s like stitching the perfect fabric, and really making sure that every little detail is there for a reason.

As The Summer is highly recommended if you enjoy the work of artists such as Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Cat Power and Colbie Caillat, among others.

Find out more about Charlotte, and do not miss out on As The Summer, which is currently available to enjoy online now.

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