Discovering Juan1Love with “I Trust God”, the track that we need

As the summer continues to disappear, and the cold is settling slowly but surely, we all need the track that would give us a strong dose of faith and motivation to face this new season. Well, our redaction discovered what you need: “I Trust God”. The rising Christian producer and DJ Juan1Love teams up with Emilio Sarabia and Levante Joyner to unveil a contagious song filled by EDM and savourous touches of hip-hop.

If “I Trust God” came together through a dream, it gives us hope again, in life, in music, while inviting you into an endless dance.

From the synthesizers to the ryhtms, or the lyrical content and the vocal performances, everyhting is crafted to offer an addictive musical moment.

Dive into the catchy musical experience right now: