An electrifying moment with “28 summers left” by Son of Stone

We a few months of hard work and sad news, we needed a strong dose of motivation to start a new week. We have the perfect musical pick for that: “28 summers left” by Son of Stone. 

The track is a gift for the ears with its wild and authentic rock signature, tinted with addictive pop melodies. But above all, the energy is totally stunning and will have you electrified. 

The feeling while listening to it is epic and the punchy guitars and astonishing vocal performances will send you into an ocean of good sensations.

Be ready to feel alive:

Know more about Son of Stone:

Son of Stone (SoS) delivers modern energetic pop-rock version 3.0 as a way to get back in life again, fueled but scared by broken relationships, working too much and personal tragedies.

SoS is a “Silicon Valley tech guy” (worked at/with Microsoft, Nokia, Google, Amazon etc.) that has been part of making many products/apps/services that billions of people use every day.

SoS started to release songs in end of 2019 and has been releasing one new song every week ever since. The song “28 summers left” are the first song release of SoS 11th album titled “The end of Rock’n’Roll”.

SoS has been streamed several million times and been on Spotify’s editorial playlists several times. The story behind the name “Son of Stone” is that SoS dad is named Stone.

The song “28 summers left” is a energetic song about that you should live every day like the last day since you only have certain amount of days left in your life.