“Makeup on Mars”: the banger we all needed today by G-Trill

We woke up with the sound we needed to stay in a good mood all day. Our banger of the day is the epic “Makeup on Mars” by G-Trill, a rising artist coming straight from the US.

The track indeed reveals a flawless recipe between futuristic RNB and hard-hitting hip-hop with energy and creativity.

G-Trill who found his passion for music at a young age proves that he knows how to create bangers with a unique artistic recipe. The flow is bouncy, the beat is intense and his signature infuses trippy touches with haunting melodies.   

There is no doubt that G-Trill is among the most exciting act around and we can’t wait to see him triple his success for 2022 and more. 

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Know more about G-Trill :

G-Trill is a young and upcoming singer/rapper who exudes utmost professionalism in all his audio and video productions. He has a nuclear vibe that can easily be felt in every lyric you listen to. Listening to G-Trill’s songs, you hear nothing but the epitome of freedom, life and love.

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1999. He grew up as part of a small midwest American community, but that did not stop him from embracing his big heart and love for music. Growing up he always wanted to find ways to connect people and their experiences and so he found that passion in music.

In 2016, he moved to NYC after a tragic accident and started his life all over from the bottom. While in New York he was able to establish a significant connection with making music. He had made short-term friends that showed him the ropes in recording himself and made long-term friends he still collaborates with to this day.

G-Trill moved back to Ohio in 2019. So far, he has released 20 songs, with 5 of them having music videos. The videos have thousands of views on YouTube. His song Michael Jordan is the top sound on TikTok named after Michael Jordan with over 3,000 videos. This year he is going to reach over a million streams, and nothing is going to stop him!