Artist spotlight: G. Twilight is our guest at the-further!

Remember G. Twilight? We are glad to announce the we had a little chat with the artist who made an incredible impression to our redaction.

We discovered the artist a fews weeks ago and immediately fell in love with his classic hip-hop vibe that we can hear in his album “The Detroit Cocaine 80’s”. The pus unveil a pure hip hop energy, and some covers and reminders of the greatest hits of all time. 

honors the culture and the music in all its glory, while offering true rap bars, catchy flows and delicious productions. It saves the game!

Press play right now HERE and read our conversation with G. Twilight below:

Welcome! Who you are and how did you start to make music?

Who am I? That’s a very complicated question because I’m a very complicated person. I’m not sure how to answer that question. I will say this, if you listen to me long enough, you’ll know that I am interesting. I started make music as a way to purge my own personal toxicity and let go of things that bothered me. However, with his project in particular, I wanted to showcase my storytelling abilities by stepping outside of my own personal life and talk about things that happened in my town before I was born or when I was small. I’ve only interacted with two of the people I talked about on this mixtape personally. Everybody else mentioned , I’ve never met or spoken to online.

What inspires you to write music?

I’m inspired by things I see and here quite often. It could be the simplest thing and in my mind I formulate a sentence.. then an other that rhymes with the first sentence. I usually text it to myself to make sure I don’t forget the line I came up with. I will do this all day consistently until I have a complete song.. but that’s my slow process. If I purposely sit down just to write, I can have a complete song in about an hour.

How would you describe your latest project?

This project is actually from 2019 but it’s the project I’m asked about the most online. It is a compilation of tales of the Shakespearean “Black Scarfaces” of Detroit in the 1980’s. With this mixtape my aim was to demonstrate the resemblance between how Tony Montana’s (Al Pacino) meteoric rise in wealth and position as head cocaine trafficker and how Black gangsters of Detroit’s coke/crack era were equally as rich and powerful during the same time period. I focus primarily on the lives of Demetris Holloway, Maserati Rick, Big Ed Hanserd, BJ Chambers, Larry Chambers, Johnny Curry, Young Boys Inc., Pony Down Crew and the Davis Family Group (DFG) and I did it all done over 1980’s disco/boogie/dance sampled trap beats. It was quite challenging actually, because I didn’t write a chorus for any of the songs. Either the sample played throughout the song or it replaced what I normally do on the chorus with a piece from the original song. These are not the type of beats I’m use to rapping over, so I had to adjust. Also, making these stories rhyme was a challenge as well. Normally, on project I may have one or two songs that have a story line, but on here I had several. It was draining, but the results were very much worth it.

What do you plan for the future?

Well right now I am planning to shoot a music video for my latest song “When Your Father Is Missing” with CoolBriiz BarGod3x in early December. He shot my first video “Dopefiend Are People Too” in April 2021 and I’d planned to do more that year, but in August of 2021 I had to be hospitalized because of Covid-19. I fought it at Henry Ford Hospital for about a week and a half before I was released, but my had it much worse than I did. She was in the Intensive Care Unit at the same hospital. I wasn’t allowed to see her for two week after. She had to be placed on a ventilator. That didn’t work so she had to have surgery to create an opening through her neck into the windpipe to allow direct access to the breathing tube. She also had surgery for a feeding tube. I was not sure if she would make it, but by the grace of God she did.. but it’s been a long road to recovery for her. She had to learn how to walk again. I am her only child and all this took a toll on me.. I had my hands full helping her and wasn’t very inspired to write any new music. I’m just now at the point to where I am ready to try to pick up where I left off. I’m hopeful.