Back to a new week with our artist’s spotlight Fros-T

I don’t know if you remarked, but the industry, especially in the Hip-Hop game, creates clones. That’s the reason why we were totally thrilled and surprised by our musical discovery today. We are proud to introduce you to our best hip-hop artist of the week: Fros-T. The rapper coming straight from Portland immediately caught our attention with “Little Did You Know ”, a banger that will resonate with a large audience.

Fros-T delivers epic and powerful rap bars over a colourful and cheerful production tinted by haunting vocal samples. The artist raps with passion and confidence, sharing meaningful lyrical content. It’s rare to find quality and creativity, but Fros-T knows how to do it right. 

“Little Did You Know ” is energetic, and infectious and delivers indestructible flows. Fros-T integrates the list of the most promising artist of 2022.

Enjoy the undeniable talent and storytelling: