Best album of the day: “Never Sober” by rap artist Von Ba$$

Our favorite artist of the day goes by the name of Von Ba$$ and his debut album “Never Sober” is probably one of the 2020 most promising projects.

The 15 tracks opus is intense and impressive from start to finish. Not only because Von Ba$$ is a talented artist with multiple flows and artistic faces going from rap to singing, but also because nothing is left to chance: the production, the vocal and musical arrangements. “Never Sober” is fresh musical air.

The project blends rap with R&b, even touches of pop in tracks like “Phone Calls” for example. There is something for every taste while remaining consistent as Von Ba$$ brings his own vibe to each of the tracks. A pleasure for the ears and the soul. 

The album is a gift for our summer and it is now on repeat in our Spotify playlists. 

Be ready to chill from start to finish: